Dealing With Climate Change

I left Congo sooner than expected. Along the journey from Congo to Kenya, I scribbled down a few thoughts about dealing with this change.

Fumbling Through Transition

Feeling feelings isn’t always easy;
Raw emotions are painful when they emerge.
Times of uncertainty usher out that rawness,
Out from hiding where it was safely stored.

Its scary starting something new, abandoning the familiar;
Transition returns me to a sticky swamp of emotions.
Not wanting to get stuck again, I’d rather stay where I’m at.
The ensuing fear taunts me; I’m sinking in the quicksand of “what ifs”.

Doubt plagues my mind, unbelief overwhelms my heart;
Questions remain unanswered, tomorrow is yet uncertain.
Unsure of where I’m headed, but throwing everything to the wind
I embark on a new adventure, trusting despite the unknowns.

Finding fresh perspective and daring to discover
I’m embracing this next season, moving forward slowly.
The page now turns; a new chapter unfolds.
Almost there but no where near it, all that matters is I’m going.

I know this next stage will be hard. But so is anything that’s worth doing, right?


3 responses to “Dealing With Climate Change

  1. “I know this next stage will be hard. But so is anything that’s worth doing, right?”
    And you are not alone! Be encouraged and stay strong 🙂

    • I suppose you’re right…this last stage wasn’t exactly a piece of cake but it was more rewarding than I could’ve imagined. If you get the chance to stop in Kenya on your way back to Beni, you absolutely must come to see Amani. It’s inspiring to see how one woman’s vision has transformed the lives of so many women!

  2. You are a courageous woman. And I’m so glad to call you my friend. You are inspiring, beautiful, FULL of faith, and crazy smart. Miss you MUCH.
    Last night I was struggling with uncertainty and my aunt told me, “Chelsie, you may be confused, but God is not confused. You will look back at this and clearly see his hand at work in the larger picture. Right now, you need to relax and enjoy this moment.”
    Can’t wait to see what God is doing!
    Love you!!!!

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