From my heart to yours:

Dear Readers,

I believe an apology is necessary. Forgive me for not informing you sooner. Entering this season of transition, time evades me. Contrary to corporate america, Congo has taught this full-velocity, efficiency-focused, time-driven, multi-tasking mind to let go of the agenda and abandon the timetable. And as I stopped worrying about getting things done I began to focus on allowing relationships to happen. Being fully present is an art entirely foreign to America, but fully engrained in Africa. But somehow as I was embracing the moment, enjoying slower and simpler life, time must have slipped through my fingers. Better late than never, I’m just now informing you about major changes which are about to ensue.

Here’s the scoop…

With the end of the semester fast-approaching, I have been reassessing my position with Congo Initiative and evaluating the effectiveness of my role. The majority of expats have already returned to the States to spend time raising awareness, support, and renewing their energy. Many former Congo Initiative staff will return in October for the start of the new academic year at UCBC and the official launch of our Women’s Center.

For numerous reasons including physical safety, living conditions, and mental health, I will be leaving DR Congo on August 1st.

Rather than return to America, God has provided a unique opportunity for me to continue serving in East Africa for another two months. I have been invited to work with Amani ya Juu, a reconciliation program devoted to training marginalized women in sewing and marketing.

african woman sewing
Amani ya Juu, whose name means “higher peace” in Swahili, is a thirteen-year-old micro-enterprise teaching that true peace and healing comes from Christ. Implementing holistic development, Amani is transforming women’s lives through economic, spiritual, emotional, and community support. Amani includes training facilities in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi as well as a retail boutique in Washington D.C.

My role will be working with Amani in Bujumbura, Burundi, the youngest of the three centers. Specifically, I will bring my artistic western eye to assist with product design, fabric selection, quality control, and product exportation. Congo Initiative believes this program is good fit and has approved the use of remaining funds for my volunteer work with Amani.

While I’m looking forward to this new season, truthfully I’m a bit apprehensive about all the unknowns. Please pray for increased trust and continued perseverance. I know that God’s not finished with me yet…


11 responses to “From my heart to yours:

  1. You will do an outstanding job in Burundi.
    You have made a difference in Congo.

    I am ever so grateful to have found your blog; you have changed the way I think about some Very Important Things.

    Traveling mercies and God’s blessings to you.

  2. Meg, what an amazing new leg of your journey God has provided for you! I will definately keep you in my prayeres for this new adventure you will embark upon. I know you will do an amazing job, I have faith in you!
    love gloria

  3. We are praying for you, Megan. It is exciting for us to watch you grow 🙂

  4. good luck, meghan!!! you’re going to be awesome. miss you tons.

  5. yuck, i meant “megan” not “meghan”… sorry about that

  6. They have no idea what your fashionista self is capable of creating. Miss your wardrobe assistance here, but am confident that you will leave lasting impressions in all the places you’ve been.
    love, mo

  7. Love the pic ;). Can’t wait for this next season of your journey. I am SO proud of you and I KNOW you are going to do great in this next phase. It seems like a theme, that God has us stuggle at first to find our place and then the blessings flood through like a firehose. I anticipate this for you my dear. May your last few moments in Beni be special. Please keep in touch.
    P.S. I’m ‘letting the wound heal’. No contact. I have new stuff to tell you too. Let’s email or skype.
    Miss you MUCH!

    • Chelsie, you must inform me of these new developments. I often think of the work you did with Healing Arts…on your way back to Beni, you need to come through Nairobi and see Amani. You’d have a heyday!

  8. Megan, I’m so excited for you. I hope this new transition and phase goes well! I know you must be excited for all of the new experiences you’ll have. Know that so many people are praying for you… We’ll miss you a LOT in Beni, but I am happy to see where God is leading you!
    Take care and maybe I’ll see you when you get back here to the States, before I head back again!

  9. You got my prayers!!!!

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