Marisol’s face

Marisol tugs on my hand and looks up at me with her big brown eyes asking me to hold her in my arms. I reach down to pick up her tiny frame, just six years old, and I can see the sadness on her face.

“¿Qué comiste ayer, Marisol? Estas tan pesado!”
(What did you eat yesterday? You’re so heavy!)

She giggles; the dimples frame her toothy smile. But my joke is short-lived and can’t disguise the pain behind her eyes.

Marisol came to Casa de Esperanza last year after she and her sister, Carla, were rescued from a child brothel.
Marisol was only 5 years old at that time. Carla was 7. Their aunt had sold them into prostitution.

When I look into her eyes, there is something missing. The innocence of childhood is lost.

My heart is heavy. Before this trip I knew human trafficking existed, but now it has a face. I wish I could show you Marisol’s face, but to protect her I cannot.

Prostitution is legal in Nicaragua, but child prostitution is illegal. Managua is considered one of the largest export cities for human trafficking. An estimated 60% of the trafficked women in the Western Hemisphere are Nicaraguan.

There are 139 registered brothels in Nicaragua.
There are 11 declared child brothels, but numerous clandestine brothels.

These are the harsh realities of this place, but Casa de Esperanza is a light in the darkness. It is a refuge, a family, a training center, and a home for these women, young girls, and a few young boys.



4 responses to “Marisol’s face

  1. Keep up the good work. We are thinking about you!

  2. So glad you are supporting this organization and bringing light to this very important issue of our time. Love you Meg.

  3. I know how easy it is to ignore these situations because of how ugly it makes our world seem, but right now my eyes are wide open with tears in them. I am inspired by your mission!

  4. My heart breaks… I can only imagine how Jesus weeps over these atrocities. Meg, may these precious ones truly feel and experience a tangible love and healing as you hold them, love them, affirm them and laugh with them. May you have a heavy mantle of Jesus on you as you are ‘Jesus with skin on’ to these beautiful children.

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