About Me

“The defining moments of my life have not been my sins or my successes. They’ve been a depressingly small number of decisions that involve real risk.” -Brennan Manning

I am a designer and a dreamer, aspiring to change the world. Sometimes I think my imagination is too large for my brain. I am sensitive and sentimental. Tenacious. Passionate. I am on the adventure of my life, embracing uncertainty and following as God leads me through countries and cultures which nourish my heart and mind.

I am striving to be more courageous than fearful. More simple than complicated. More intentional than reactive. I’d rather be more trusting than skeptical. More peaceful than productive. More joyful than critical. I pray that I am reckless in loving rather than reserved.

One of my life’s defining moments occurred in September 2009 when God prompted me to leave my job as an architectural and interior designer to pursue a year serving Him in East Africa.

Read more about the journey.


11 responses to “About Me

  1. Megan,
    I just accidentally came across your blog because I meant to view mine from a mission trip I took this last summer: megan-on-a-mission.blogspot.com .
    It’s so very cool and strange. I totally understand the reverse culture shock! And my sister just got back from a year of serving God in Europe…so she’s going through the same. What I find strange and cool are our similarities. Obviously, serving God overseas. But we also have the same name. And I am majoring in Architecture right now. Also, I have cousins who live in Greenfield, WI and I lived in that area for about 7 months! Cool beans! Anyways, God bless you and keep reaching out and blessing people with hope and Christ’s love in this broken world we’re living in.

    • What a small world it is, Megan. God never ceases to amaze me at how he unites believers all over the world. Blessings as you pursue architecture…may God reveal new and unique opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents for His glory!

  2. Jambo Megan,
    Just stumbled upon your site when googling “Black Beans”. I too love Kalangati!! I am a Pharmacist in Ireland, was born in Uganda and was in Kampala until the age of 19. I am a Hindu by relegion and lifestyle but believe in one God. I think you are a saint to have given up your job and gone to East Africa to carry out God’s work. God bless you .
    I wish you the best for the rest of your life.

  3. Megan, I too am working with Goreth and Evariste in Burundi and wanted to connect with you and hear about your experience there. I am here in the U.S. and want to help them expand their business. Could you get in contact with me via email?

  4. I stumbled upon your site via twitter. I am on the brink of leaving my job and career to begin what I consider a gravitational pull that I can’t seem to avoid. The community as a whole needs care and consoling, but It’s as if no one cares. I admire what you have done and you just keep on being an inspiration to the world.

  5. Megan- This is amazing! I was doing research on learning Swahili because I am a senior in college with a desire to go to Africa, and I found YOUR blog. I saw you quote John Piper in one of your posts, I have been blessed for the past year to attend his church! I am sure you are busy, but can I contact you via email or message and ask you some questions about your transition to the Congo, how you found the job, etc? That would be amazing.


  6. Megan,
    I am very fascinated by your blog and the many experiences you’ve come across. What I found the most interesting was the Nicaragua trip and its shelter for victims of human trafficking. I am a student at the University of Utah and we are currently doing a research on just that; human trafficking-the modern day slavery in Nicaragua. I would like to get more in depth information on your experience while at the House of Hope in Nicaragua. I would like to hear from you and get as much information possible.
    Thank you,

  7. Hi Mega
    Great site, I wonder if I can use one of the pictures on my facebook site?

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