Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks  may list it on the menu, but their baristas fail to serve authentic chai.

Chai originated in East Africa. In fact, the Swahili word for tea is chai.

And here, chai is more than tea, spices, sugar, and milk.

A cup of chai. A drink to nourish the soul.

The aroma of the spices wafts, “welcome home.”
Milk strengthens the sick like salve to a wound.
Warmth washes away the worries of the day.

Chai says, “be fully present”.
Never consumed alone, chai is community. Turn off the phone, ignore the distractions. Share a cup and share your heart with the company around.

Chai says,“slow down, breathe”.
Hurry only hurts the soul. Chai provides the anecdote by offering rest.

Chai says, “give thanks”.
For God’s providence in this cup. For the life you are living. For the guests you are visiting.

Tea Time
Next time you order a chai, channel its African roots.

Embrace the culture of chai. There is no such thing as a “to-go” cup because in and of itself, chai says “stay”.

Calm your spirit. Savor the moment. Drink up the blessings.



4 responses to “Chai Tea Latte

  1. Thank you for your thoughts on chai. You brought me back to my time in Kenya where the drinking of chai was such a communal event.

    Chai means…
    HARAKA, HARAKA, HEINA BARAKA…”hurry, hurry, brings no blessing.”

    We need “chai” here in our hurry, hurry U.S. of A.

  2. You should think about a marketing career when you return! Your pithy statements are memorable. Miss you.

  3. oh, how we miss our ‘chai’ in Burundi. Especially in this hurry-hurry season of Christmas.

  4. i agree with Maureen…great advertising. 🙂 loved having you here. miss you already too.

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