A Deeper Longing

deeper longingDo you ever have one of those days when your soul longs to be someplace else? When, no matter how hard you try to assimilate, there remains a disconnect between you and the place you are?

Maybe you’ve moved to a new house or a new city.

Maybe your ideals and values have changed and so you’re struggling to connect with a former group of friends.

Or perhaps your church is morphing and even though you’re in the same place, the body of believers is in constant flux.

Today has been one of those days where I long to be back in Congo. Although the reverse culture shock comes and goes in waves, there is one constant feeling which never seems to dissipate.

It is an unrelenting nagging which reminds me that I’m a stranger in America, this land I call home.

I wonder if this isn’t God’s nudging. A gentle whisper reaffirming that my soul was never designed to live in America. Nor was it designed to live in Africa, Argentina or Southeast Asia.

This world, as I know it, was never meant to feel like home. This land is temporary and I’m a stranger here.

I was meant for so much more. I was created with a longing to live in God’s kingdom. And only with Him will my heart finally feel satisfied because my citizenship is in Heaven.

So until that day comes, I struggle to fit in. But if I desire to see His kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven, I must figure out how to live for the sake of God’s glory whether in America or in Africa.

I must figure out how to live in the now and not yet.


3 responses to “A Deeper Longing

  1. Beautifully written!!
    And you’re right, we shouldn’t feel comfortable here… Wherever “here” is… This isn’t our home. But it is where we are for the time being… I love this, Megan!

  2. Hi, megan!
    I’m a follower of you, and I have just met your blog when I was decided to go to Mozambique with mi wife and work there as a volunteer(maybe you remember us).

    This post was just simple and profound. I used to see myself crying after being in Africa, just missign all those beautifull kids that we used to help around there, and living in Sao Paulo (I’m Brazilian) makes me fell not bad, but not really complete. At least, I’m preparing myself to work with education (maths teacher), to spread the human´s being nature, that is the true, the love….

    So , we can not give a kind of a recipe about this subject, but we can share our love and our desire to live in a peacefull world, and them, we will be able to call this world as home.

    Be strong, as you, we are thousands and thousands of people living around the world and changing for the better!

    thanks to be this strong fellow!

  3. oh my friend, we arrived in Canada about 3 weeks ago.
    Church morphing…
    reverse culture shock…
    stranger in Canada…
    God’s nudging…
    … all of the above…
    Yes, it’s great to see all our wonderful loved ones after 2 years, and to have simple pleasures like cheesecake again, but I want to go back.
    Talk to me girl.

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