Purpose Driven Job

woman windowAuthenticity has become a buzzword in the business community. Authenticity is the new black.

But I’m discovering that in America, genuine authenticity is hard to find.

Part of my struggle since leaving Africa and returning to America has been discovering my mission here. What is my purpose?

How do I unite the lessons I’ve learned with the passions of my heart while residing in America?

But most of the job opportunities I’ve received over the past several weeks have left me dismayed.

▪ Dismayed because the goals and missions of many companies don’t align with my purpose and passion.
▪ Dismayed because the few companies with which I might align well don’t achieve alignment with their own stated goals and mission.
▪ Dismayed because the companies which tout authenticity don’t actually practice what they preach.

Yet amidst all the rubble, there seems to be a gem.

From the first time Performa Higher Education contacted me and began the recruiting process, they cast their vision…a meaningful mission: helping small, private colleges and universities become healthy

One way they do this is by ensuring student success. If students thrive, the university thrives. I was introduced to the four stages of student success: attraction, belonging, engagement, community.

In a similar manner to how a college might recruit a new student, Performa began wooing me. Before I knew what was happening, I found myself emerging through those same four stages.

1. Attraction

Please consider meeting us to discuss the opportunity at a quaint cafe not far from Milwaukee.

Caffiene and a convo? I can do that.

Over a hot cup of coffee, they inquired about my passions, interests, and goals. They helped me conceptualize how I could utilize those passions with Performa.

I was intrigued. Eager to see how this could be a mutually beneficial relationship. Attracted enough to visit thier Green Bay office the following week.

2. Belonging

Come spend a day at our office. Join us for a workshop with innovative consultant and pioneer of residential colleges, Frank Shushok.

During introductions, I was presented as Performa’s new recruit. But rather than a bystander content to watch from the sidelines, I found myself quite vocal in the consulting sessions, brainstorming ways to translate research findings into architectural solutions.

I could see myself fitting in with Performa and providing meaningful contributions to their work.

3. Engagement

Travel with us to a job site. Observe what we do. Interact with students. Offer insight and suggest a few practical design solutions.

At a reputable college in Iowa, I was introduced not as a recruit, but as a consultant. Even more, I felt like a team member. Touring the campus and chatting leisurely with students, I listened to their stories that I might speak on their behalf to resolve some of the campus issues. My mind continued to ponder concepts which would promote the goals of this college for several days following my visit.

Fully engaged, I was ready to come on board.

4. Community

Come and work for us. Use your talents at Performa and help influence the world by impacting higher education.

Before long, I had become a case example of student success.

So in just a few days I’ll be joining Performa Higher Ed as a campus planner and designer working to enhance environments and hopefully, affect lives. Ready, set, go! 

Ideally, this opportunity might merge my two worlds (Africa/America).

And I wonder, could we at Performa provide an even greater impact by sharing our knowledge and success with higher ed institutions in the developing world?

Maybe someday we’ll help institutions in Africa. Institutions with an incredible potential to produce students who desire to be transformed and in turn, will transform the world around them. Institutions like Congo Initiative’s UCBC. Maybe someday…


11 responses to “Purpose Driven Job

  1. Hi Megan—-I won’t bore you with my career story, but I feel just like you—-what can I do that aligns with my purpose, gifts, and talents? As a 40 something with a 9 year old, however, I am somewhat limited in options. But this winter and the death of my dad last summer has left me feeling restless with my life and purpose.
    Coincidentally, I began following your blog when we were both featured on the WordPress homepage last winter. And more coincidences…..I live in Brookfield, WI. xo

    • How lovely and inspiring at how our stories are intertwined, Lori. I pray that God comforts you as you continue to process the loss of your father. This Wisconsin winter has been long and gruesome but I cling to the promise that Spring will come again…to Wisconsin and to my soul! Be blessed today.

  2. An exciting company you uncovered Megan. How encouraging that they practice what they preach. Go with God to the frozen tundra!

  3. Congratulations, Megan!!
    I hope for your dreams to come true and wish you great success!

  4. Love this opportunity Megan…sounds cool. I know you’ll have lots to contribute. Can’t wait to hear more. Love you.

  5. so often times I hear after people have gone on missions trips that not only have their lives been changed but they yearn to go back for the simplicity and quality of life! Now while that may sound crazy it is so very true. It is exactly what you are going thru. Does it ever stop in American…where are all the ones that know Him and strive to follow/help/not conform and aid others in their mission here in the states? Be diligent! Be bold! Make your mark for Him! Will continue to lift you up in prayer and am eager to hear more from you! Blessings!

    • Mara, thank you. Your sentiment is so very true…how I long for the simplicity I experienced in Africa! My hope is that those of us who have returned from life-changing experiences will continue to use those experiences to reshape our lives in America.

  6. Wow, what a great opportunity, Megan! It sounds like it might be a great fit as well. Looking forward to hearing more about it… And of course you! I’m excited for you and will be praying for you… With love, B

  7. Megan – I am nothing short of thrilled for you. How wonderfully our Lord prepared you and then provided. You will be a HUGE asset to PHE, both professionally and personally. God has, and will continue to use you mightily. May He continue to richly bless you, watch over you, pour out His wisdom upon you and fill you with the joy and peace that flows from Him into His children. You have touched my life profoundly. Please do keep in touch. .. Rejoicing in His Great Love, Georgiann

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