Year in Review

An entire year has passed. Don’t worry about reflecting though, the media will do that for you.

Significant moments from this past year will be compiled into a variety of lists: Best and Worst Dressed of 2010, Top 10 Google Searches, Most tragic news stories, Most retweeted Twitter posts,

In America, we excel at filling our lives with distractions. It prevents us from having to deal with the brokenness of our souls.

Because if we really sit down and reflect on our own lives, we know it will be uncomfortable. Painful, even.

Can you remove the distractions long enough to sit still and reflect on your life this past year? It’s not easy, but I’m trying.

Here are some of the questions I’m asking to help me review the year:

  1. What experience brought me extraordinary joy?
  2. What was my greatest sorrow this past year?
  3. What was the most encouraging thing I did for someone, as measured by their smile?
  4. How did I serve at my church? in my family? in my community?
  5. Who have I cheered for?
  6. Who have I listened to carefully?
  7. How did I demonstrate love to an enemy?
  8. When was I most comforted during this last year?
  9. When did I say, “I’m not sure I can do this” and then discover that I could?
  10. When did I trust God with more faith than I had in the past?
  11. Where, geographically, did I find the most delight this year?
  12. What was the most satisfying $5 I spent this year?
  13. What three people had the greatest impact on my life in 2010?
  14. What attribute of His character did God demonstrate to me?
  15. What was the best conversation I had?
  16. What do I understand better than I did in January?
  17. What was the smartest decision I made?
  18. In what areas of my life have I become more disciplined? Less disciplined?
  19. What book did I read that was written before 1846?
  20. How did my presence in social media (facebook, twitter, blog) impact God’s kingdom?

Ask yourself these questions. Be real with yourself. Then be vulnerable and share them with a friend. (Questions added to and adapted from here.)


4 responses to “Year in Review

  1. I’m happy to have found you and look forward to reading more.

    I come through @jnswanson who drew lines between us. The name- the passion for Africa.


    Thanks Megan for the breath of fresh air! Your New Year post really makes me rethink how I live day in and day out. Or how much I need to journal so I can remember all those times in my life!
    Love you and miss you! We’ll have to go for a run together….

  3. Thank you Megan for the thoughts and the challenges. It is a delight to read your blog. Carry on with God speed.

  4. Wow thanks Megan! I love this and it is a great idea! Intentionally reflecting on the past year is a fantastic way to really see and remember the things that God has done in our lives… And to recognize what the “point” of it all is.

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