Animal Planet

Before Africa, the only type of animals I knew where either caged creatures at the local zoo or domesticated pets. No comparison.

mama ostrich and her babies

You don’t talk during a safari. You become mute like a giraffe because your mouth just hangs open, speechless at the sights.

what does a giraffe say? nothing…it makes no sound. giraffes communicate entirely through gestures.

Guess this is why they call it wildlife. How does one control a herd of elephants like this? They don’t. They get out of the way.

stampede of elephants

zebra, eland, impala


2 responses to “Animal Planet

  1. Beautiful pictures!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is amazing. I would love to go on a Safari! And I have always wanted my own zebra – maybe in the Millennium . . .

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