Blessing or Curse?

I realized I’ve been complaining quite a bit.

You were thinking the same thing, you’ve just been too nice to say it.

Complaining is to the enemy is what praising is to God.

Who then, am I serving?

Its time to stop viewing the difficulties I encounter as curses.

Do we all battle the temptation to think our lives are full of curses?

I imagine some of us more so than others. Its easy to assume curses when we or someone we love suffer from a fatal illness, an immense failure, a natural disaster, or a violent war.

But Jesus came to bless us, not to curse us.

Do I believe that?

Do you believe that?

Can we, by faith, trust that what appears to be a curse has the potential to be a blessing?

Choose to receive the blessing, rather than the curse.

And for those of you who have been following, no further update on the malaria situation…other than trying to accept it as a blessing rather than a curse.


2 responses to “Blessing or Curse?

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