Do You Have A Learning Disability?

When it comes to spiritual matters, I’m SLOW to learn.

Seldom can I learn the lesson God is trying to teach when He first instructs me.

So I wrote a poem about my issues after I realized I’ve been caught in a terrible cycle of stubbornness…

Seems I’ve got a learning disability when it comes to spiritual lessons.
Doesn’t matter how loud or strong His voice, nor how painful the repercussions.
My mind just will not learn until the Teacher makes it clear,
Teaching once, twice, even three times, till I hear

The instruction that He’s giving
Is the one I need for living.
So He repeats it from the start;
Writing His Word upon my heart.

Patiently He waits, willing that I understand;
This lesson is not easy but its part of His great plan.
Yet I seem to have forgotten as I stumble and I doubt,
That His plan is for my good, that He’s working all this out.

And every part of my life story
He wants to use for His glory.
So He repeats it from the start;
Planting His Word deep in my heart.

Lovingly He waits, that as I seek His face
This lesson will take root for He sustains me with His grace.
And should my soul remain in such a prideful, stubborn state
That I still refuse to learn, then please don’t hesitate…

Remove from me this heart of stone,
And if you need, crush my bones!
Then humble me, Lord, with a brand new start,
Pouring Your Love till it overflows my heart.

My most recent lesson has been about TRUST…

Do I trust God enough to follow where He leads? Do I trust that God will keep me safe? Do I trust God to provide for my needs? Do I trust God to never leave me? Do I trust that there is purpose amidst the pain?

Please tell me I’m not the only one struggling with a spiritual learning disability.

What about you…what lesson has God been hitting you over the head with?


One response to “Do You Have A Learning Disability?

  1. Megan,

    Ironic that this reflection is the least commented on by your faithful followers…Lucky for me, there is plenty of space to write.

    No no, you are not the only one struggling with a spiritual learning disability. I have been experiencing the “Didn’t we go over this one before?” growing pains. Thank you for putting words to a very common experience.

    “His plan is for my good.” I think I forget this part a lot.

    As a special education teacher, I now spend most of my day with students who have learning disabilities. They require lots of teaching and re-teaching…8th graders who can’t read a clock, or sixth graders with no concept of phonics. Today, I felt like shaking one of my student’s head and saying, “Is anything in there?!!” You have helped me identify with my students in a way that will grant me more compassion and patience. Thank you.

    I am so looking forward to spending time with you after you return!


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