Malaria Malady

Yesterday I was diagnosed with malaria. Again.

I know this sounds incredulous, especially since my last bout with malaria was less than one month ago.

But unfortunately, its true.

Malaria is like that lousy boyfriend that keeps coming back. And just when you think he’s gone for good, he’s looming round the corner waiting for you.

So how do I feel?

Oh, apart from the typical aches, pains, nausea, and headaches?
At first blush, I’m glad it was caught early before the disease is fully manifest. But when I ponder it further, I’m frustrated. Disturbed. Disheartened. Unsettled. Grumpy.

Why does God continue to allow this, when I have been so diligent about sleeping with a mosquito net and drenching myself with deet?

Why does Satan insist on tormenting me, stopping at nothing to ensure that my final days in Africa are miserable?

Here’s the scoop:

The doctor believes I may have a resistant strain, considering the number of times I’ve had it in the past few months.

The alternate theory includes that I may have developed a form of “recurring malaria”. (Not certain what this means, but that’s the best translation/explanation they can give me.)

What now?

Well, I’m resting at the house while receiving a course of intensive treatments.
My blood will be retested in a few days. If the malaria remains, I anticipate traveling to Nairobi to receive more acute medical care.

Trying to remain optimistic despite the disappointing drama of this soap opera.


9 responses to “Malaria Malady

  1. Jackie Anderson

    Hey Megan,
    So sorry to hear this…feel better and get the treatment you need.
    God Bless and safe travels home. jackie

  2. Dear One,
    You don’t know me but I came across your blog the other day and became a subscriber. I want to encourage you in bearing your disappointment and illness. Do you believe God is good? Yes? Then you know He works ALL things together for good for those who love Him. Is it the enemy? Perhaps. Even so, listen to Father tell you of His love and His strategy/plan for this time in your life. He will give you weapons of warfare needed to fight the illness and fight for your joy in the Father’s goodness and provision. Remember Paul and Silas in prison? Their response was joy and worship.
    I pray for healing and speedy recovery and that you will be able to ‘get’ what Father’s purpose is for you now.

    • Oh Karyn, Thank you so much for the uplifting words. I wish I didn’t always need to be reminded of His goodness, but rather I remembered that in times of trial. I pray that the Lord blesses you for the encouragement you have been to me!

  3. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this Megan! Hoping you start feeling better and just rest and recouperate!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that malaria still won’t leave you alone. I remember the week before I left for Africa my car got stolen and then three days later, so did my credit card. It’s just so discouraging and frustrating. I’m sure it must be a million times harder without close friends and family right next to you, lifting you up. Even though we can’t be there with you physically, you’re not alone! We’re all here in WI thinking about and praying for you. I hope this next bout of malaria goes away quickly and you’re able to enjoy the rest of your time in Africa! May God bless you and keep you safe and healthy!!

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  6. Bonnie Buchanan

    hi megan im Bonnie, im a distant cousin of yours through the buchanan s and i have been keeping up with your blog, im so sorry to hear about your infection i will be praying for you and for your mission.

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