Paint Spill Pity Party: Moral of the Story

Follow up from Crying Over Spilled Milk.

After the storm comes the calm.

After winter comes spring.

After the rain comes the rainbow.

After weeping comes dancing.

And after my pity party came perspective:

I certainly couldn’t recognize it in my self-absorbed state, but eventually I realized that this paint spill was not the end of the world.

Alongside perspective, the moral of the story:

In the paint spills of my life—the messy days, the thunderstorms, the seasons of confusion, the heartaches, the times of chaos—I often become too impatient to wait for the Lord’s solution. Other times, I’m too prideful or stubborn to ask for His help.

And in those instances when I try to clean it up by myself, I only increase the spread of my mess. I make it worse rather than make it better. Oh, my weak faith.

So with this new enlightenment, I’ve been thinking WHAT IF…

…I were patient enough to believe that even in the midst of the storm, He’s working it out?

…I abandoned my own agenda and just surrendered to His timing?

…I could trust that He’s cleaning up this mess even when I can’t see or feel Him?

…I stopped taking myself so seriously and began to find the humor hidden in the mess?

Guess I’ve got a lot to work on. Thank God for His Grace.
Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He makes all things beautiful in HIS time.”


3 responses to “Paint Spill Pity Party: Moral of the Story

  1. Megan that’s great insight. I hurry up to clean up my messes never stopping to ask for any help and usually beat myself up terribly for not seeing the possible calamity. Thanks for the perspective. Dad

  2. I was honored to receive your praise for my writing, and all the more so after perusing your own site. Aside from good writing and style, it is at first blush immaculately maintained. And all without high-speed Internet. Thanks for reading. I’m subscribing. Be blessed as you return to the States.

  3. Sarah Nielsen

    Ma-ma said there’d be days like that, there’d be days like that my ma-ma said! Welcome to the human race. Wonder if we would have been invited to Jonah, or David or Moses’ pity parties. Thanks be to God that He breaks them up before they get out of control. You have such beautiful perspective. Spills happen.

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