The Poverty of Wealth

This morning Anastasia, mother to eleven children, redefined poverty for me.

She explained that poverty is not the state of being in need.

True poverty is having everything one could need or want yet feeling lonely in spite of it.

Wisdom comes from experience . . .

Anastasia and her family were very wealthy before the Burundian Civil War robbed them of their riches. (More of her story to come.)

To those who hunger, give bread;
To those who have bread, give a hunger for justice.

-Latin American prayer


2 responses to “The Poverty of Wealth

  1. Uncle Jimmy The Gramp

    Hey FYI – diane forwarded the website for the purses to the ladies in our church, one lady has already bought 2 purses…we’re getting the word out!!

    • Jim, I am both humbled and excited to hear that you’re spreading the word! Thank you…and please extend that thank you to Diane as well. Also, we’ve been creating some great new products here in Burundi and I’m hoping to post photos of them within the next few days.

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