…hello Burundi

amahoro director

Before I had even made it through customs, I saw the face of this next chapter beaming among the crowds. Goreth (pronounced Goretti) is the founder and director of Amahoro ava mw’Ijuru, Amani ya Juu’s sister center in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Having fled from war in Burundi and Rwanda, Goreth and her family arrived in Kenya as refugees, vowing never again to return to Burundi. She spent 5 years at Amani in Nairobi, finding true peace and healing. Knowing that this peace must be shared, Goreth decided to come home to Burundi and begin a similar program so that other women may experience this reconciliation.

Thus, Amahoro ava mw’Ijuru (which means “Peace from Above” in Kirundi) was established nearly 5 years ago as Goreth began passing the peace…teaching other women the skills she had learned while in Nairobi.

Today in there are six women who stitch and operate a small shop in which their products are sold. The Amahoro center here in Burundi has a very different feel than the Amani center in Kenya. Much smaller, facing unique challenges and opportunities, this center has immense potential. Although I’m sad to have left my new friends in Kenya, I’m certain that God has called me here for a reason…


3 responses to “…hello Burundi

  1. I don’t know what it was like traveling in Uganda and DRC, but flying into Bujumbura really made me feel like I was in Africa. The thatched roof airport buildings almost feel like they are out of a movie.

    • Tom, I had the exact same reaction in Buja…whoa. This is Africa. I probably would’ve had something similar in DRC, but since I had come by road, I didn’t get to see the airport till I had been there for several months.

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