goodbye Kenya…

As my time in Nairobi drew to a close, I found it hard to leave. In just two weeks I had grown so attached to these women and this place.

kenyan women

note: individual images taken from amani facebook

These are the women who greatly influenced my time at Amani Kenya. There was something so inspirational about each of their stories. There was something so endearing about this organization…something so rewarding about this work.

Now, I want to showcase MY FAVORITE HANDBAG from the current Amani Kenya 2010 product line (made by some of the lovely ladies above):

The Safari Silkscreened Mini Hobo

Don’t you just love it? Don’t you want one too? Good news! You can have one just like mine…

Check out the Amani Ya Juu boutique, or purchase one online!

(bonus: free shipping on all orders over $50 through August 31st)


2 responses to “goodbye Kenya…

  1. love the bag. I will check out the other items in the line. would love to talk soon. please call my cell. Out adventure trip is at an end and I can talk most any time.
    love mom

  2. Oh my word…I just checked out the online store- super love it!!!!
    I see a couple bags with my name on it and I get to support a great cause…sold out!!!

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