Finding Encouragement in ESL

So I recently assigned homework to my UCBC students – Write a paragraph about someone you admire. Provide supporting details to explain why this person has earned your admiration.

Bless my heart, one of the students–whom I frequently reprimand for tardiness–wrote the following:

student paragraph notebook paperSo what have I learned? Apparently I hate noses…or my students need to improve on spelling.


4 responses to “Finding Encouragement in ESL

  1. Sarah Nielsen

    Oh Megan,
    You are making a difference. I LOVE this. Your dad was right — you take no prisoners — you are all about doing the job in love and making sure people understand the message. I admire and love you so much, even though you are an architect.

    • Roxanne Ludwigson

      You are awesome Megan, and you’re taking your awesomeness global. The hand of the Lord is definitely holding you up and protecting you. Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. you really do hate noses, even if you are an architect…

  3. Megan,
    Teaching rewards are few and far between and they almost always come from whom we least expect. He is describing a good teacher and I have no doubt that you are making an impact that will last long after you leave. I hope you cherish this forever and that you realize what he wrote is great progress in terms of ESL.
    Good work teacher sister.
    Love, mo

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