Mental Floss 002 – Less like an individual; More like a community

In African societies, the concept of “the individual” doesn’t exist. Life is all about community, a corporate endeavor.

pygmi houses

“The secret of village togetherness and happiness has always been the generosity of the people, but the key to that generosity is inefficiency and decay. Because our village huts were not built to last very long, they had to be regularly renewed. To do this, villagers came together, at least once a year to work on somebody’s hut. It is the putting back together again, the renewing, that ultimately makes something strong. That is true of our houses, our language, our relationships.” – Martin Prechtel

Such truth is embedded in the above quote. A truth which seems so foreign to American society.

Lately I’ve pondered this: What would the Unites States look like if we stopped focusing so much on ourselves and started acting selflessly on behalf of others? I wonder…

  • How would our families be affected if we abandoned individualism?
  • How would our churches benefit if we served humbly and sacrificially for the goodness of the entire congregation?
  • How would our communities change if we began to view life as a corporate undertaking rather than a personal journey?

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