Mental Floss 001 – Fight for your life

mri imagingMy brain is growing. No need to call 911. No need to be alarmed. It’s less encephalitis and more stretching, refining, developing. The root cause of this growth can be attributed to reading (which I never truly enjoyed until coming to Congo). Increased reading leads to critical thinking which leads to an enlarged brain (theory not yet confirmed with AMA).

So, I’ve decided to keep my brain healthy and encourage its growth by using “mental floss”. I’m becoming intentional about pondering the deeper things of life, making time to think about my own ideas in addition to ideas from various other sources.

I embark upon a new series of blog posts, sharing my latest musings, hoping to cultivate healthy habits among my readers: regular mental flossing for your developing brain.

Here’s the first piece of floss:

Sometimes we fear that fighting for what is right will kill us. Then again, it occurs to us that to stand by and do nothing out of self-preservation is to be dead already. -Beth Moore

Throughout history, there have been a long list of people who fought for worthy causes and risked their lives doing so: Esther, Martin Luther King, Jr., William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa, among others. Can you think of anyone who as recent as the past 50 years? I’m certain they exist, but I’ve had trouble identifying them.

What are we fighting for in today’s society? Are we doing so passionately? Are we willing to risk our reputations or even our lives for such a cause?


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