Flashbacks from Austria

children lederhosen dirndl

the quintessential lederhosen and dirndl

As you know, I’ve just returned from a brief respite in Austria. I’ve tried, but somehow I cannot find the words to describe my time there. Music, art, and architecture are the foundation of Vienna and boy, did I enjoy a healthy dose of each. Just what the doctor ordered for this dry and weary soul.

vienna symphony

Mozart in the Musikverein

Thankfully, I wasn’t wandering the historic streets of Austria by myself…dear, sweet Mom was there to join me. Here’s are some highlights: (click to enlarge each image)


One response to “Flashbacks from Austria

  1. HI darling!!! So glad you got to go on a mini break and see your Mama! I am sure she loved that, and misses you so much!!! The photos are beautiful, thinking and praying for you! Do you get mail? I once sent a package to Peru and it took 6 months to arrive, is mail fast to your village, I am guessing maybe not, but if you need anything let me know, some books for reading, or some personal items, let me know and I will look into mailing….and pray it arrives. But who knows it might take a year to arrive!!!

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