Viennese Waltz

After six months in DR Congo, its time for a short break to renew my visa and get out of the country for a bit. However, as a single white female, traveling solo throughout Africa is, well…you can imagine. So one of my advisers suggested a break in Europe, arranging for me to stay with an Austrian family. And much to my delight, my dear mother decided to meet me in Vienna.

I’m convinced that Africa’s motto is: what can go wrong will go wrong. Just leaving the country proved 10x more difficult than I had expected. But after 2 days of travel, including an overnight slept on a metal bench in the Entebbe airport, I’ve finally arrived. And Vienna’s beauty is breathtaking.

View from our house of the Klosteneuburg Monastery

Vienna's Belvedere Palace

Mosaic rooftop of St. Stephen's Cathedral

More to come from my vacay in Vienna…


2 responses to “Viennese Waltz

  1. siobhan collins

    I’m so glad you got such a beautiful little break! (and I love your mom!) I’m sure it was amazing to see her. love all the pics.

  2. Liesel is sad that you are in her homeland without her.
    Miss you both madly and wish it was all four of us girls on a trip together. We must plan one.

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