If the shoe fits, wear it.

Take a look in any woman’s closet and count the pairs of shoes she owns. Most women have not only a passion for fashion, but also a shoe fetish (myself included…take me to Macy’s and I make a beeline for the shoe department). What can I say? New shoes can transform an outfit, an attitude, even a bad day. And thus, women go crazy for shoes. However, never have I encountered such emotion regarding shoes as I did last week.

Recently, a group from North Carolina came to visit Congo Initiative. One of the visitors noticed that many of the children at the Women’s Center were barefoot. With a crisp twenty-dollar bill, she commissioned us to purchase shoes for the children. So last week, Meredith and I spent a morning at the market negotiating with a shoe salesman. Eventually we walked away with 20 pairs of brightly colored sandals in various sizes and styles. As we left, we prayed that somehow, someway, we had an adequate amount and the correct sizes to outfit all the children.

When we arrived at the center, the children’s teacher paraded them outside as we lined up the new sandals on the porch. One-by-one, the children were called forward to select sandals. Honestly, I cannot ever remember such excitement upon receiving new shoes. Here are some photos documenting the occasion:

photo credit: Anne Medley

photo credit: Anne Medley

photo credit: Anne Medley

photo credit: Anne Medley


85 responses to “If the shoe fits, wear it.

  1. Nice Story

  2. Nice Story, really touching my heart

  3. Much as I love shoes, and self-centred as I am, I don’t think I have ever been as happy with a pair of new shoes as the kids in your photos.
    I’m so glad I read this first today – it’s set me up for a good day and given me a goal to do just one good thing. (at least, that is).

  4. These photos displays how much we all take the little things for granted, how we forget to give thanks for all that we have – Thankful. We get so caught up in getting nicer that we forget to appreciate what we have been given. These kids and the expressions on their faces are proof that even the little things have a tremendous impact on the souls, the mood, and even the attitude of others!

  5. So inspiring, what a lovely story to read!

  6. done great….keep it up…..
    everyone thinks about their own foot,not thinking god’s other creatoins

  7. awseome! 😀
    the kids must be so happy ….

  8. God bless you and your work. Money going to help those in need. Keep up the amazing work!

  9. You are a nice person, they look really happy

  10. What a lovely work! I’m very inspired by stories like this. I love it when people are helping each other because I see the love that’s ruling the Earth.

  11. Ah i can feel the way they feel. The same looks came when our orphanage children recieved clothes this new year1

  12. What a lovely story! Thanks so much for sharing. On a day I am feeling “not quite up to it”—reading this story and seeing the pictures, reminds me that I have SO much to be thankful for!

    keep up the God work!!

  13. Very awesome mission, continue the great work! Nice photos!

  14. That is awesome. I like it and the feeling that you are caused they never forget it.

  15. loved this post. Beautiful pics as well!:)

  16. The title of your blog post caught my eye and the story caught my heart. Thank you.

  17. Those are plastic sandals, they burn in summer heat. You should have used ur mind before byuing such useless shoes to them.

    They are better off bare foot then walking with a heat furnace.

    Don’t get p** off as it happens when you have no knwoldege of local climate.

    • I knew there were far too many positive comments and before look some idiot like “Dan Brown” (a spineless coward who thinks he’s funny and can’t even use his own name/info) would come along to say something negative. Such is the world we live in.

      Those kind of shoes are perfect for the climate, moron!

  18. lovely post!…never did i hardly feel that only a single pair of shoes can lighten the spirits of these children…

    well done!

  19. Really Great! It’s Good to see those Happy Faces! 😀

  20. In the us where still so many have so/too much, your blog about sdhoes in Africa was so moving. What ca we do about changing people’s attitudes about the necessity of having much stuff to be happy. Thank you

  21. Very inspiring blog and post. I would like to put your link on my blog. Thank you.

  22. Cute story – it’s a great reminder of how much we have to be thankful and that we should be happy to give and help others who have less.

  23. Pingback: Confessions of the Inadequate « A storyteller’s tale

  24. here in the Philippines: 754 pairs donated to the students of San Joaquin Elementary School in Pasig City. An initiative of some government employees of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

    Its a wonderful world.

  25. Blessed are the feet that bring good news. Blessed are they that bring good news about feet. The faces say it all.

  26. mama knuckles

    megan – thanks for the blog and the photos…best $20 i ever spent!
    hope you are well, best wishes to you – pray God gives you an amazing blessing today

    • Your generosity will long be remembered here, Mama Knuckles! We miss you and the entire team, but mostly, we miss Meredith… I trust you’re enjoying spending time with her. Love from the Congo!

  27. Jambo Megan…so AWESOME…thanks for bringing smile to the hearts of those children.
    so enjoyed our time there and seeing first hand how God is at work…
    I will continue to pray for God to get the glory …
    I am sorry you were sick..comes with the territory..I suppose

    I do pray for healing in the name of JESUS
    give a shout out to all the house mates..I am reminded to pray for you all daily…
    bits of Africa are now in all the rooms in my house..
    love …prayers…and blessings from afar “Soli Deo Gloria”..to God alone be the Glory…carolan

    • Carol…your encouragement is so awesome. I pray that you are enjoying having your baby back home. I trust that you’re feeding him well and fattening him up! Please send my regards to all in Charlotte.

  28. Nice story Meg. I hope you’re well.
    Miss you in Milwaukee, but know you’re doing what you were meant to do there.


    • Wow…I feel honored to know that you’re reading my blog! I miss Milwaukee more than I can even express, but it won’t be much longer till I return. Please pass along my greetings to all in Milwaukee…

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