The Aunts Go Marching

Last night, my sister Maureen (and her husband, Mike) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Liesel Jo. And now, for the first time ever, I am an ant…or if you prefer, an aunt. You say tomato, I say tomahto.

This is Liesel Jo. Please excuse her lack of clothing. I have already requested that her parents dress her more appropriately for her next photo shoot.

The pains of being where I’m at are especially evident today. Because where I’m at is far away from my new baby niece. And since there is no postal service here in Congo, I must send my love, my kisses, and my coos via pigeon express.


6 responses to “The Aunts Go Marching

  1. Oh Megan, she is beautiful!!

  2. From one AUNT to another…Congratulations!!! She is absolutely adorable!

    Being an “aunt” (especially yours!) is one the most precious blessings this side of heaven!
    And, YOU, my dear Megan, will wear your new name well.
    Leisel Jo is over-the-top blessed to have you in her life!
    AND…I am blessed to have you in mine!! 🙂

    I love you dearly!

    Your Blog is a delight and an inspiration….and I will continue to stand in the gap on your behalf as you pour out your love for Jesus on the African people. Yes, you are brave. And you are precious. To many.

    Great Big Giant Hugs to you half way around the world,
    Aunt Mare
    aka Leisel’s “Great” Aunt Mare (!)

  3. Auntie Megan,
    I checked out Liesel Jo yesterday and indeed she is pure perfection. God is the master designer to create such a lovely being. We knew that but He really outdid Himself this time.

    She will wait for you and by the time you are here, you will be able to speak words of love into her and she will hear and feel them. In the meantime I have learned — God compensates. He knows what is missing and says, “Don’t worry, I’m working around that.” One of His magical mysteries and dear gifts.

    I think and pray for you when I take a hot shower. This is how God reminds me to lift you up. I’m so proud of you and adore your posts. I do however, think it unfair and unbalanced that in addition to your many gifts, you write beautifully.

    Hugs and kisses,

  4. Aunt Megan, so happy for you!! Seems like Congo agrees with you. love Rick,Tracey,Alex and Lauren

  5. My Dearest Megan
    Wow!! Where do I begin???? I have gone over every blog that you have posted and I have laughed and cryed and believe that this is the BEST place to write my comment because I too like your Aunt Mare have the PRIVELEDGE of being your Aunt and although I have been at a disadvantage because of being so far away I have some very special memories of times spent with you!!! As I write this I am having trouble seeing through the tears. You are an AMAZING young woman, you are BRAVE you are a PRECIOUS PEARL!!!!! You are one of my 2 FAVORITE nieces!!!!! wait make that 3 with the addition of the Beautiful Liesel Jo!!! I feel as though I have missed SO much in you and your families lives but, I can’t look to the past but only to the future that we will share many more WONDERFUL times together as a FAMILY!!!!! MUCH LOVE to you my SWEET SWEET MEGAN!!!! I will continue to keep you and your cause in my prayers!!!!!! Aunt Kim-Kimi-KimKim (just a few of my nicknames the best is Kimmie which your Grandpa called me)

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