Congo’s Creepy Crawlers

I’d like to introduce you to a few of my housemates…

Creepy Craweler #1: Snake in our dining room

Handiman Kasereka comes to the rescue with his machete...

Over and out.

Creepy Crawler #2: Cucaracha in the closet...

Creepy Crawler #3: Rhinoceros Beetle on the porch

I wish I could convey the enormity of this beetle. Not exaggerating, it is at least 3" long!


5 responses to “Congo’s Creepy Crawlers

  1. Megan,
    My first reaction was shock…yuck, but then I got to thinking about your affinity for such creatures. In fact, I think I recall you find them tasty, no? πŸ™‚
    So, how good is that three foot long beetle? Delicious? Nutritious?

    Thanks for a good laugh.
    Love, Mo

  2. Meg, that would really, really creep me out. Seems you’re handling it ok ;0 !!!

    Anyway…Thinking about you during Christmas time and praying God blesses you in many ways during the Holidays & Beyond~

    the schaeffers

  3. Man, your so lucky. I only saw a cockroach, when I was there. Lots of lizard/geckos, but that was it. How come you come you get to have all the fun? Seen any scorpions at all? I believe that the snake is a green mamba. Did they eat the snake?

    Seriously though, I hope things are going great there, and you are making as much of an impact there as you are being impacted.

  4. Merry African Christmas, Megan! You are so loved.

  5. I think I prepared you well with the creepy crawlers I put in your bed and shoes. You can thank me later.

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