It’s raining, it’s pouring

The rain in Congo is neither the constant slow drizzle in Seattle, nor the dreary thunderstorms of the Midwest.

When it rains here, it pours. And then life becomes one big mud-puddle. In case I failed to mention it, the roads in Eastern Congo are not actually roads. They are simply trails (read: mud paths) which have been blazed through the forest. There are a few select dirt roads which comprise of peaks and valleys and a minor gorge every three meters. When the weather is sunny and dry, the tumultuous roads are nearly impossible to traverse with any vehicle. When the weather is wet, you can foghettaboutit…no transportation, unless you plan to swim through the swampy mire to your destination.

It has rained nearly every day since I arrived three weeks ago. Sometimes, my heart is like a sponge which soaks up all the gloomy rain. Eventually my heart becomes so heavy that it sinks. I’ve been praying for the rainy season to terminate quickly so that the sun dries up this waterlogged heart.

Rather than a dry heart, God simply changed my heart. I began to feel thankful for the rain…

For the past 8 days, we have had no running water. Apparently, there has been a shortage of water in the town of Beni. If it weren’t for the ample supply of rainwater, we would’ve had no water with which to wash our clothes, cook our food, or bathe. (I cannot even believe that I’m bathing in rainwater. Desperate times call for desperate measures.)


5 responses to “It’s raining, it’s pouring

  1. Well if you want to be grateful, know that there is serious shoveling happening this week. Three days of snowstorms, possibly 14 inches total. Thankfully I will NOT be shoveling this year in my “delicate” condition.
    I just read in a holidy devotional that it’s often easier to be thankful for the good things in our life, but not thankful for the difficult ones. I am thankful you aren’t dehydrated or wasting away in desert-like conditions. The good news is that you are about 80% water anyways and spent the first 9 months of your life swimming in water. It’s not a bad life I think!
    We miss you and want to know what classes are like, what you are doing/reading in the Word and how you feel about your mission.
    Lots of love,

    P.S. Your gifts at the shower were my favorite. By far. Little Girl loves your taste.

  2. wish you were here to take a walk in the snow, drink eggnog, and help me make peanut butter balls.
    Missing you every day.

  3. oh i loved listening to the rain down pour when i lived in Vancouver and lots of puddles! but umm no mud. do you need us to send you some rain boots?

    miss you. thinking of you.

  4. Megan,

    Glad I found your blog and can keep tabs on the great work you are doing. Just wanted to let you know that Christina and I are going to Kampala in June. We will be in Uganda for 9-10 days. Christina’s uncle lives in Kampala and works for Christina Reformed World Relief Committee. We are very excited.


    • Dan…that is SO exciting! Kampala is the closest “big city” to Beni. It’s possible I might return there for a break this summer. If so, it’d be great to meet up with you and Christina. Keep me posted on what’s happening in Milwaukee and when y’all will be out here in Africa.

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