A Picture Paints 1000 Words:

Many of you have requested photos, so here’s a snapshot of the journey thus far.

Boat ride at sunset on Lake Victoria (spent 2 days in Kampala, Uganda en route to Congo)

The dreadful journey from Kampala to Congo via the Poko-Poko Executive Bus began with a traffic jam like I’ve never seen before…

And a few buses stuck in the mud (notice the hole beneath the bus):

The hole is being filled:

But now the bus in front is stuck and needs to be pushed out of the mud:

A few scenic photos along the way:

About 20 min outside of town, our Poko-Poko bus breaks down…

By the time the replacement bus arrives, I’m jaded and exhausted.

And ready to be in Beni, Congo. No more photos or enjoyable stories from the journey.

A mere 14 hours later, we finally arrive at our new home in Beni.


One response to “A Picture Paints 1000 Words:

  1. Rosie Ballinger

    Wow! Gorgeous photos! Lake Victoria is breath-taking. The traffic jam looks insane! Glad to hear you made it to Beni safe and sound.

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