Honest to God?

Our front yard and the walkway to our house...

With less than one hour of internet access over the past week, I feel entirely disconnected…guess I never realized my dependence on technology.

Admittedly, I think I over-romanticized the simple life. Stateside, I craved a life free from the chains of electronics. Perhaps I was enslaved to my Blackberry and cyberspace. I acknowledge that nouns morphed to verbs which became paramount to my vernacular as I Googled, ChaCha-ed or Facebook-ed my way through life. Truthfully, though, I never felt as though the information superhighway prevented my development of relationships.

Brutally honest? I miss it.
Out here in the jungle it is truly primitive…no exaggeration. This rudimentary life consists of no cell phone. No internet (except occasionally at school when the weather is clear). No electricity (except for a few hours each day). Sponge baths in the evening. Washing clothes by hand. Sparse furnishings.

Nonetheless, I’m realizing that by disconnecting with life as I once knew it, I’m able to reconnect with God on an entirely different level. Less distractions allow me to refocus on what matters… renewing my gratitude for family meals; sleeping when the sun goes down. I’m learning to appreciate the rooster rather than my alarm clock; releasing my fear of germs as I try to embrace the mud, dirt, and dust.


3 responses to “Honest to God?

  1. Megs,
    Was THRILLED to see this on Facebook to hear how everything is going. I love the way you articulate all your emotions and feelings. I so wish I had someone like you around when I was experiencing similar feelings! I can’t wait to keep reading. I know you are going to continue to change and develop meaningful relationships with the people you interact with. I know this will probably take about two hours to download so I’ll end here! Wuv you Megs…wuv you a wot!

  2. Megan,
    I knew this was going to have a major impact on your like it did me when I went to Uganda. You are experiencing the same stuff I did when I was there. The worship was amazing like you said in your other post. Probably one of the things I miss most. And yes the technology part as well. I really did connect with God there, so much that I didn’t really want to come back. You won’t be coming back the same, but in a good way.

  3. wow how i long for this! when i try to de-tech myself I always get pulled back into it—-i know you wish you had it back but i so long to have it taken away- it is such a burden! i love this post! hope all is well. miss u.

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