Girl to the World

My suitcases are packed…I guess this is it!

So I bid farewell Milwaukee; new adventures are in store. Today I am feeling entirely naive and ill-equipped, yet confident in God’s provision for me to serve in Africa. I’m excited to see how God will change me this next season and eager to be used by Him to make an impact on others.

I should arrive in Entebbe, Uganda on Thursday. By Sunday, I hope to be in Beni, Congo.



One response to “Girl to the World

  1. That picture makes me sad. So, in my head right now, because if I did it out loud my kids would KNOW I’m crazy, I’m singing “Leaving…on a jet plane…” and kinda sad. I didn’t cry because, well, we know how that goes in front of 30 17 year olds.
    I love you and can’t wait to hear about all your adventures.
    We’re praying for you daily.
    love, me

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