What I’ll miss about Milwaukee…

The day draws near when I leave this old town. And the closer that day comes, the more I’m realizing how much I’ll miss Milwaukee. When I first moved back here, I didn’t like the city. Every day I compared it to Madison and every day Milwaukee came up short. Milwaukee didn’t have State St, the LVM, or Badger football. Milwaukee didn’t have the Rathskeller, Urban Outfitters, or Hoofers.

Fast forward 7 years and Milwaukee has found its way into my heart. It may never have Badger football, but this sweet city has much more to offer than I gave it credit for…

1. I will miss Alterra coffee. I love love love Alterra. But really, its about more than just terrific coffee and espresso. I love the environment and atmosphere. I love the people. I love the food.

2. I will miss Milwaukee music. I will miss the cutting edge talent that comes out of this city as well as the national talent that comes into the city (and the radio station that helps make this happen, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee). Highlights from the past few years: Northern Room, Lykke Li, Mat Kearney, Copeland, The 5 Browns, Wilco, Fever Marlene.


3. I will miss my church, epikos. I will miss the building, the people, the music, the messages. This is my church and the lovely rose window (I promise I was paying attention during the sermon…)

4. I will miss my friends. This week has been filled with goodbyes to the friends that have made Milwaukee, without many of whom, Milwaukee would be just another ordinary city. The next year is certain to bring about many changes in their lives: marriages, new babies, new homes, new careers. I am sad to miss this.

5. I will miss the fantastic art and architecture sprinkled throughout the city: Milwaukee Art Museum’s Calatrava addition, the turn-of-the-century Lake Drive mansions, Pfister Hotel, Bradley Sculpture Gardens, Villa Terrace, Basilica of St. Josaphat, Old North Point Water Tower…


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