To Be, or Not To Be? (indecision at its best)


For those of you who haven’t met me, I’m a terribly indecisive person. I waver back and forth all day long. I evade making a decision until the last possible second. Why don’t I like making decisions? Because I fear that I won’t be pleased with the outcome or I worry that an alternate selection would have been better, smarter, less-expensive, more appropriate.

Check it out:

A few months ago, I was that girl you saw who was paralyzed in the Target aisle while trying to purchase bleach. This should be a simple decision, right? Wrong. In purchasing bleach, one must make 37 decisions:

Brand: Clorox Regular, Clorox Ultra, Chlorox Plus, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Myers Organic, Generic
Scent: Regular, Lemon Fresh, Mountain Fresh, Clean Linen, Lavendar
Ingredients: Chlorinated or Chlorine-free
Size (oz): 24, 32, 64, 96, 182
Price: Regular, Sale, Coupon-valid
Extra features: Splash-less, Child-safe

Okay, maybe 37 is a bit of an exaggeration. But seriously?!?

Lately, there seem to be a multitude of decisions to be made…and suddenly, I feel overwhelmed. Even as I type this posting (which in turn, reminds me of the amount of decisions still left undecided) I feel entirely overwhelmed.

Just for once, I wish someone would select for me. Tell me what type of coffee to order, which shoes will be most comfortable, which laptop bag will be most adequate, which medication has the least side effects, what store has what I’m looking for, when to go to bed, how much shampoo I will need to last me 12 months, who should I meet with one last time, what coverage of sunscreen will suffice….

Here’s what I’m trying to say: I am SO eager to experience the simplicity of African culture. Perhaps too idealistic, but I hope to be cured from this plague of decisions I face here in America.

Let the countdown begin…7 days from today I will be en-route to DR Congo and hopefully less decisions.


One response to “To Be, or Not To Be? (indecision at its best)

  1. Rosie Ballinger

    hehe I like this entry. I can totally relate…I am also very indecisive! Even when it comes to the simple things–like buying bleach! I’m glad you’re done with the decision making process of what to pack and all already. I’m excited to keep reading your other entries! 🙂

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