Mission: Impossible?

Formerly blogging as designdumpster, my advisory board Mother suggested I establish a new site for all things Congo-related.

So, this is Megan…

On A Mission. Well, not quite yet.

I’m actually beginning to feel a bit like Tom Cruise circa 1996.

Seems more like “Mission: Impossible” than Megan On A Mission. I am boggled by the red tape one must go through to begin serving in Africa. This week has been one obstacle after the next. Hoop after hoop to jump through. At what point do I stop pushing through these roadblocks and surrender to closed doors?

So, this is Megan….

Feeling discouraged.

Wanting to serve.

Desiring to have an impact.

Aspiring to change the world.

But maybe the world doesn’t want to be changed?


One response to “Mission: Impossible?

  1. I saw your blog on the WordPress homepage. I don’t usually click blogs there, but the picture of shoes caught my eye. It reminded me of when I was in Nicaragua last July distributing shoes. =] It was great to stumble upon your work here. You inspire me.

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